Today, I know travel has played a part in shaping my artwork.  At 17 I
took my first trip out of the country.

Listening to my father talk about what he was going to do in retirement
and then passing away before reaching the age of 19
I was motivated to be different.  That winter after my father's death, I
went to the Caribbean.  Tropical locations call to me, even today.

Early 2003, I declined an opportunity to go to Africa.  Looking back, this
was the groundwork for future changes.  I was beginning to question

Late 2003, I accepted an opportunity to go to China with the Flying
Tigers AVG.  Three weeks prior to departure, the Chinese government
shut the trip down.

In 2006, I chose to go to South America, the Amazon River and Machu
Pichu.  This was the start of dramatic changes for me!  I found I enjoyed
interacting with native people.  There was great happiness amongst
the poverty.  Returning home a changed person, I knew I had to
simplify my life.

A trip to Papua New Guinea presented itself and was planned for late
2007.  After a wonderful trip yet physically ill, I was being forced to
make changes.  I was asking myself tough questions.  I wanted to get
back to painting!

Forever grateful for my path, I am painting again and there are many
places still to experience.  Physically I'm strong and I know time is not
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