Paintings by Shari Havelka have always been abstract, bold in color
and highly textural.  This remains constant over time, no matter the
medium or the size of the piece.

The use of strong color Shari credits not only to her days in Interior
Design and the need for higher intensity color than the clients and
projects would allow but it is also indicative of the colors found in
the natives clothing from the places she has traveled.  Shari's
creative inspiration comes from within, as much as, from her
surroundings.  Reminiscent of the natural and built landscapes, the
green can be attributed to the rain forest and growth, blue is
indicative of the beautiful skies, water and movement, red as seen
in the poison dart frog indicates danger and a toxic element.

Encaustic, Series I paintings are reflective of the current financial
and construction climates.  The development of pieces from
predominantly green to predominantly red can be directly correlated
to the tough financial times the United States has been
experiencing as markets constrict.

It is ironic how Shari's Acrylic paintings are created by adding layers
and her Encaustic paintings incorporate the addition AND
subtraction process of layering.  Both mediums are similar to what
Shari has done in her own life.

Choosing to simplify her life, Shari feeds her soul while painting.
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Shari Havelka, Abstract Artist.
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Artist Statement
Looking to connect with her viewers on a deeper
level.  It is only natural Shari use visual and physical
textures in her artwork.